Active LOOKNorth Projects

Unmanned Aircraft Detect and Avoid (DAA) System for BVLOS Operations in Canadian Arctic
BVLOS/UTM Trial with Edmonton Airport
BVLOS for Forest Management
Mitigating Oil and Gas Methane Emissions in Central Asia with GHGSat
Satellite/Aircraft Hybrid Methane Monitoring
Memorial University’s Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities Network Pilot Project
Creating an Umbrella Organization to Provide Professional UAV/GIS Services throughout the Western Arctic
Advancing operations with the award-winning SmartICE application
UrthePipeline as a Service
UAS BVLOS Proof of Concept Trial – Fort McMurray
Building and Demonstrating Capacity in Nunavut with Arctic UAV
DAA for BVLOS Demonstration with SkyX
DAA Demo in BVLOS Operations with Canadian UAVs
Developing a Ground-Based Sense and Avoid System (GBSAA) with Drone Delivery Canada

Completed LOOKNorth Projects

Project Partner
UAV trial of Methane measuring Chip Spectrometer ING Robotic Aviation Inc.
Equus35 Prototype Development for Flir Systems Infrared Camera/Sensor Solace Power Inc.
Subsurface Direct Hydrocarbon Remote Sensor Leak Detection System Direct C. Ltd.
Study of Market Dimensions for Low-cost Wide-compatibility Cubesat/nanosat Ground Segments Nova Consult Consulting Ltd.
Pipeline Class Location and Validation Fulcrum Technical Consulting
Identification and Assessment of Early Revenue Opportunities for NorthStar Hyperspectral Earth Imagery Space Strategies Consulting Limited
Remote UAV-Based Virtual Asset Management Platform Deployment Industrial Skyworks
On the use of Aerostats for Navigation in Ice Enfotec
Environmental Footprint Monitoring for the Potash Industry Western Heritage
Towards Step-change Technological Innovation in Tailings, Closure, and Water Management Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC)
Remote, Real-time sensors for Water Quality Monitoring in Mining CMIC
Review of Remote Sensing Technologies to Support Marine Mammal Monitoring Nunavik Geomatics
Operational Forecasting of Inflows for the Lower Mattagami Hydroelectric Complex 4DM
Laser-based Greenhouse Gas Baseline and Emissions Verification Boreal
Robotic Survey Vessels for Remote Environmental Monitoring Clearpath Robotics
InSAR for Mining in Permafrost Effigis
Real Time Greenhouse Gas Monitoring (Ph 1) EMSAT
Real Time Greenhouse Gas Monitoring (Ph 2) EMSAT
Tactical Ice Monitoring from UAV onboard Icebreaking Bulk Carrier Enfotec
Utilization of Remotely-sensed Data for Reconnaissance-level Mineral Exploration in Canada’s North Geofirma
GHGSat Verification & Validation of Industrial Sites GHGSat
Maritime Domain Awareness – Irish Coast Guard Maritime Surveillance Larus Technologies
Technology Demonstrator: Image Mining for Sustainable Natural Resource Management NorStar Space Data Inc.
Subsea Platform – Technology Demonstration Project SEAformatics
Marine Mammal Monitoring from Moving Vessel Platform Sikumiut
Airborne Hydrocarbon Microseeping Mapping Sky Hunter
Remote Sensing of Hydro-dynamics of the Peace Athasbasca Delta Terra Remote Sensing
Monitoring Procedures for Reclamation in Alberta (MOPRA) University of Lethbridge
Performing GNSS Reflectometry from a Cubesat to Measure Arctic Sea Ice University of Waterloo
UAV and Remote Sensing Technologies for Pipeline Monitoring Ventus
Polar Code Decision Support System Polarview Canada
Fusion of Lidar and Stereoscopic Optical Cameras for Survey Grade 3D Imaging Seamatica Aerospace
Autonomous Subsidence Monitoring via GNSS Xeos Technologies
Evaluation of UAV Magnetic System Abitibi Geophysics
From Pilots to Practice – The Commercialization of SmartICE Memorial University of Newfoundland
Water Quality Monitoring of NWT Lakes using High Resolution EO Hatfield Consultants